Contender Series Graduates: Edmen Shahbazyan

Опубліковано 11 вер 2021
UFC middleweight Edmen Shahbazyan made quick work of his opponent during season 2 of Dana White's Contender Series to earn a UFC contract. It was his eighth straight knockout to start his MMA career.

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  • he's another busted prospect

  • This contender series SUCKS 💩👎🗑️. NEVER have watched it, NEVER will.

  • Edmen OVERRATEX SHABAZYSN BAD CARDIO Bad takedown defence

  • He is real deal

  • He should leave Edmund Traverdyn camp and move to a new one. We all know how he handled Rousey and Browne's careers.

  • Domantas sabonis in UFC :D

  • As long as he's in Tarvardyan's gym he won't make it any farther

  • Doglden boy

  • Wake me up when Contender Series Graduates: Antonina Shevchenko pops up..

  • Another overly hyped fighter


  • idk how he was undefeated for so long he’s TRASSSSSHHH

  • He is impressive no doubt, potential for belt assured.

  • Idk if I've ever seen a lack of cardio hold a guy back so much

  • Hello everyone, good luck to the fighters in the UFC, we look forward to knockout fights, from Uzbekistan

  • What's up with his thoracic cage???

  • I like the way he moves straight in with no head movement clearly he from the same gym as Ronda

  • i remember walking into MSG right when he landed that kick. that place errupted and i became a fan of him ever since that night granted he on a 2 fight skid, the future bright for him!

  • whats wrong his rib

  • 1Kth like =J

  • Edmen reminds me of Lil Peep as a MMA fighter

  • hypejob

  • Edmens a great striker but damn his torso weird

  • Never hype someone up until you see their ground game

  • Edman “pitchest” shahbazyan

  • Prepare the 10 fight $5k/$5k contract

  • He lost to brunson tho

  • So many videos about this man, chill out ufc

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  • Ah, one of Brunson's sons

  • Thank god for the UFC’s almost monopolisation of MMA. 🤣 These fighters couldn’t sell a solo fight like a boxer when there are so many ways to end a fight in a few seconds.

  • Edmen one of those guys who can be one of the elites in a few years but is too young right now and should take 2 years off from fighting

  • The ground and pound he took from Brunson shows he has a great chin too!

  • Reminds me of Condit.

  • Never stop learning,never stop fighting 🔥🔥

  • What's up with his ribs?

  • 🇹🇿

  • edmen, no stamina past r1, shahbazyan!

  • does he have a fight comin up or somethin??? im not aware of one, an thats usually why they post these vids, prob to bring attention to the fight. anyone know, an if he does whom its against??.


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    • Seen a lot of story about him, he must be honest and for people to talk this good about him

  • Lack wrestling skills

  • calling shahbazyan a contender series graduate is weird as hell, should be "ronda's former training partner"

  • Definitely a future prospect! with his age imagine how Good he'll be in 4 to 5 years from now!

    • @Thought Criminal that is pretty random, but I've met the guy and he's a completely dedicated athlete and fighter, that will not be an issue, now me on the other hand I smoke pot and I teach kickboxing, they go together 😉

    • Unless he turns into a pot head

  • he keeps testing himself against those that are better. he has a clear love for the sport

    • Why do you have to copy someone else's comment?

    • That’s a solid analysis. I agree. Although I’m upset at his camp for giving him Jack after the Derek loss. He needs to develop physically and continue to grow. Jack was too tough of an opponent. I believe he’s better of in Bellator for another few years before reaching the top 5 of the UFC


  • Perfect format for adding to Dana's harem

  • The way Edmen talks through his teeth while smiling when he talks shows how excited he is

  • Show his last two fights

  • I remember when ppl were calling him the next champion & someone called me a casual for saying Brunson was going to beat him. Then when what happened happened that same person deleted their comment.

  • .....and then comes....Brunson.

    • @spermdeath apparently 'reborn' for one last title run, but it's yet to be seen if he brings anything different for Izzy.

    • I wrote Brunson off after the Adesanya fight. Man that guy has come back strong. He's not just a gatekeeper.

  • This guy is the Middleweight Cory Sandhagen🤣👍💯💪 Looks like him. Although he lossed to Brunson, it takes nothing away from his striking pedigree. Young, and hungry. Work on that TDD and Edmon vs Izzy would be dope in a couple years. Edit- 8-0 here with all 1st rd knockouts. C'mon now. We'll see in his next bout how good he is.

  • He’s working at aka now he should be a problem

  • Exciting kid.

  • That's cool.

  • He got Brunsonned then Hermansonned🤣

  • One of the most overrated fighters

  • I’ll never get tired of the Tavares head kick


  • They pulled a sage Northcutt with this guy. Pushing him to fast

  • Ronda taught him well

  • He needs to work on his wrestling defense

  • Wait till he go's against #1 in his weight.

  • 🍏

  • 👍

  • Man his rib sticking out looks crazy

    • Makes me want to drill that thing lol.

    • It's caused by a tightness of the muscles surrounding the solar plexus (often comes from hunched posture in childhood, sitting on a chair), it can be stretched by a massage therapist to solve the problem

  • Edmen should fight Darren till

  • He did better against Brunson than Till.

    • @꧁༺Galactus༻꧂ Eh if it would’ve stayed standing Holland would’ve won

    • @D&M Prod Holland did land some really good punches. But then got totally dominated. He looked like a beginner grappler. In front of Khabib.

    • @꧁༺Galactus༻꧂ But Holland was winning on the feet and almost Knocked him out Holland just had to work on his takedown defense

    • @D&M Prod IDK. a little bit better with the striking but was also super dominated and was having a mental breakdown the entire time.

    • Kevin Holland did better than both

  • He keeps testing himself against better and better fighters. Way more legit than Omaley.

    • @chad hill let's get this straight , with an attitude like that, aint no way I'm convinced you're a us army soldier . But if you are , real classy dude , real classy. You literally are butthurt from when I said " little boy " I said that because of the knowledge you have on the sport . Small like a little boy . But of course you wouldn't know that , cause youre a tough guy from the US Army .

    • @chad hill cool story bro , so let me get this straight , with you being in the us army means you know MMA ? What ? Did I hurt your feelings ? I literally just corrected you , not saying it's a bad thing , but it's facts , that's why you negotiate your contract. If Sean fights bigger names , it doesn't increase his check , it's just bonus and that's it , he's gonna have to fight out this contract , maybe fight a top name for his last fight in his contract , which will boost his stock and also get gets to negotiate another contract if he wins , bro I can go on and on , you see this is my sport . I live this sport .

    • @KNEDITS i know more than you. and im no little boy im a staff sgt in the us army infantry with 2 tours in afghanistan and 1 tour in iraq under my belt so dont ever call me little boy. ive been in situations and done things that would make you curl up and cry.

    • Sean must live in your head rent free for you to be bringing him up out of no where😂

    • @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV Who

  • Edmem chicken son of brunson. 😂😂😂😂

  • idk why it went bad for him recently but something wrong definitly hope he comes back Huge fan ♥

    • @OVERHAND yes i agree

    • @Kevin Luna i hope so. His old coach ruined his talent

    • @p0kerViK1NG67 did he switch camps?

    • He is young, he is training at a world class gym now he will bounce back 👊

  • Anyone chosing him as their coach is sus as fuck

  • fuck is happening with his ribs ?? they are literally poking out


    • @Loneliest mofo Ever I heard the exact same thing before he fought Derek & he got whooped like I told someone else.

    • What, kid is so talented knocking out tavares like that is not something easy he needs more experience and he'll be a ufc champ


  • HypeTrain 🤮👎

  • Hope he bounces back strong. At least he'll be able to plan for his weaknesses while he's on his come up instead of facing them head on in his prime


    • @Kimiora Henry 😪

    • @wat appp 🧀🤮🤮🤮

    • He needs to have real camps and drop his GARBAGE COACH, that coach will keep ruining his potential and hinder his progress just like he did to Ronda

    • He wasnt losing against Brunson, he was learning.

  • he needs to go to ATT

  • "Head movement!"

  • he was so overrated the whole time lol......rhonda was the only reason he has got the push in the ufc

  • I hope his loyalty won't be his downfall

    • Heard he's at AKA

  • Kanala Izleyib Bize Deyer verin💕 Watch the channel and tell us💕 Смотрите канал и расскажите нам💕


  • Ale weszło:)

  • His rib cage sticks out a lot.. anyone with a answer?

    • @OVERHAND is it bad?

    • It's caused by a tightness of the muscles surrounding the solar plexus (often comes from hunched posture in childhood, sitting on a chair), it can be stretched by a massage therapist to solve the problem

    • Man, you would think when he gets hit in it , that shit must hurt like crazy.

    • Just genes i have the sams thing just not asmuch as him lol.

  • Blonde Brunson

  • Seems like a cool guy.


  • whats the deal with his ribs

    • It's caused by a tightness of the muscles surrounding the solar plexus (often comes from hunched posture in childhood, sitting on a chair), it can be stretched by a massage therapist to solve the problem

    • Just how he’s shaped 😂

  • Change your coach, Edmen and you'll go places!

    • He already did


  • This kid is gonna be a star. The Brunson fight was a little too much too early but at least he had the balls to take the fight unlike Can Crusher O'Malley.

  • And just like most graduates of today’s educational system he’s gone on and accomplished nothing lol..

    • You have a lot in common with them


  • That was a front head kick that didn't look like it had much behind it.


  • I respect Edmen for going against a tough opponent like Brunson, and not just sitting back whilst building a win streak fighting cans, when he could've easily done that. Like a lot of hype trains we're seeing these days in the fight business. Very talented fighter and still so young. Future is still bright for this lad.

    • @LiuKiang I know. They also believe in themselves to win. You said they know they'll lose.

    • @Donny I disagree with that statement. Every fighter who makes it to the UFC wants to win the title. Believing whether they can do it or not is a different thing altogether.

    • @LiuKiang I disagree. If someone wants the title, they believe in themselves.



  • Hey! Hey! Hey!


  • This guy is getting carried by the UfC so hard. He’s lucky he’s Ronda Rousey’s Golden boy😂😂. Derek took that shi away😂😂


  • He was cheezin hard when he won that contract lol good for him. He’s real good, but the top 10 is way way different than those unranked guys. It’s a gigantic curve which is kinda the problem with the ufc

    • Tavares gave a good fight against Adesanya. Think it was decision. Meanwhile Shahbazyan headkick KO

    • He's a young bull give him time

    • True, but it makes it even more legendary when unranked fighters make it to the top. Of course the current champs, but also people like chandler, Holland, Chimaev, liang, Olivera, really inspiring


    • IMO these are the best of best in the organization it should be that way to gauge where the fighters skill levels are.

  • Hopefully he leaves Edmond’s gym and goes to a real championship caliber gym the guy has potential



    • He already did he's training with daniel cormier at the AKA

    • If I'm not wrong he moved to aka or had a camp there, which probably 1 good move

    • He’s training at aka

  • Дерек его положил


  • Both in their prime, Who wins Kamaru Usman or Matt Hughes?

  • Скоро весь в наколках

  • head movement

  • Lol beat down