Dana White Announces UFC Contract Winners | Week 2 - Contender Series Season 5

Опубліковано 7 вер 2021
UFC President Dana White announces who earned a contract with the promotion thanks to their performance in the debut episode of Dana White's Contender Series Season 5.

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  • People in the comments are complaining about fighter pay. At the end of the day, MMA and combat sports in general are a glorified hobby. You can only train at high intensity for 3-4 hrs a day max (while getting minimal returns the longer you go). There is nothing wrong with working a full time job on top of training, thats how it was for most sports in the old days. Yeah, they should probably get paid more. But keep everything in perspective

  • My notes on josh are🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖


  • 3:15 - 3:18 longest censorship in the UFC 😂😂

  • Glad Dana knows DC is turning to a shit commentator . Get him out of here !

  • DC is a great fighter and person, but his commentary is biased at times. That being said, Dana shouldn't go so hard in the paint to say DC doesn't know anything, when he was a 2 division champ.

  • "omg hes such a fat POS not paying guys anything to be on TV what a joke...........if you were in construction would you expect your new company to pay you $50 an hr because theyre a big known company?

  • Gonna be almost impossible to comment on utube unless I can know what I can cuss and what I can’t. Like for example that cute little podcast this Dana did with Travis Brown I think his name. On fighters pay. Some things are impossible to explain without cussing

  • I feel like no solid fighters will sign up for TUF next year since Dana handing out contracts like candy. Why spend 6 weeks of isolation with a 1/8 chance of getting signed in the end when you get the same for 1 night of work. Obviously guys with bad or small records will still do TUF.

    • I mean being a TuF winner you get some extra perks plus you get a better contract

  • Damn she is fine

  • me thinks dc is gunna be in the shadow realm with dan hardy

  • Laura Sanko is a great addition to the play-by-play commentary team this season. The girl can do it all. More Laura Sanko, Dana!!

    • Gotta do a twerk off between her and megan

  • The contender series is really dialed in this season, great performances and exciting prospects

  • Dana and his new side chick

  • Pay attention to that dog CJ, he is going to be better then everyone thinks, hell of a fight!

  • Fresh meat....covid replacements. To the death on early prelims.. good luck. (Its like running man with arnie)

  • Love Laura Sanko ! It fits her

  • Laura smoking. glad to see dana giving out small cheques after making million dollar deals

  • Stop censoring swear words on UKblow

  • Where can you Watch it at can’t find season five nowhere

  • Kid

  • fck DC

  • "I will reward you when you do" omg thank you master! yes please master give me the table scraps so I can barely scrape by in life! mmmmm lemme kiss your feet master! muuuah!

  • why dana allways callin them kids. lol

  • Let's go Canadian, I always root for my fellow Canadians. And I will remind everyone if they forgot, GSP is 🐐. 🇨🇦

  • CJ Vergara put on a show!

  • I also want to join UFC I am from India

  • this week was fu#%ng crazy! This shit was better than most ufc fight nights!

  • Cormier was right

  • Happy to hear Chidi Njokuani got in. One of the best nicknames in the sport.

  • Dana's 52 years of age he's lookin pretty good i must say.

  • Yay! Now they can be underpayed... Dana is trash

  • The Contender Series, a way for the UFC to find people who will fight for 10 and 10.

    • A way for people to find out if they can be a superstar with all that exposure

    • Like 80% of the DWCS signings are ranked after 18 months of entering the ufc. You’re clearly uneducated.

    • Uhm yeah releasing JDS and overeem, two really exciting guys with fights that always end in ko… but they keep pushing these unknown contender series guys that 90% will never go far in the ufc… fr. I can name like 3-4 guys that came from contender series… thats it

  • Ufc where you make no money lmaoo 🤣

  • The sooner they take DC off of Comms and let him do whatever he wants in ESPN the better. He's literally the worst person to listen to when fights are on. DC "Oh what's this telly next to us for?" Annick "So we can see what everyone else is watching and comment on it to describe to people what they are watching??" DC"OOOOOOOOOOOOO I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!! hey Bisping did you know about this?" Bisping"I can literally smell the Gin&Juice coming out your pours you eye poking tosser"

  • Makes me cringe when Dana White calls 30 year old men "kids" lmao

    • Lol yeah he called cowboy kid a year or two ago… didnt know a 35 year old man was a kid 🤷‍♂️

    • I’m 22 and if a 38 year old called me a kid I wouldn’t take offence

    • Did you catch that quick "No" when Sanko asked him if he's feeling generous? Lmfao this man is ridiculous.

    • Nothing cringe about a 52 year old man (Dana) referring to 30 year old men as "kid".

  • Ok this reporter is smoking hot.

  • Last time DC commentates lol

  • DC is asshole, get another commentator

  • Dana "no neck" White

  • Watched Chad beat up my buddy to start his win streak 😂😂😂 good luck to him.

  • Cormier is biased towards black fighters and Hates UK fighters.. Starting to really dislike DC

  • Find yourself a woman who looks at you the way the translator looks at Laura. lol

  • Comirr is a slob

  • and Petroski and Gore dont have a contract? i dont understand this.

  • DC is the Jon Snow of UFC. He knows nothing.

  • I am not bashing etc but all these people who say it's God which gave me this and that are going to be very upset when the truth comes out and they find out God is actually a Alien who seeded the earth with us to watch us destroy the earth and ourselves never mind

  • Rest in peace Joe Rogan

  • Trump will run and at this rate easily win, Florida, Texas, North Carolinaand Wisconsin by more than 6. While carrying Pa and Michigan by like 3-5, and Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, Georgia (and maybe even Virginia.) by .1-4 percent. A electoral blowout and possibly even a Popular vote win. Especially if Biden keeps up his shit and Trump runs a competent campaign again like 2016.

    • What is this got to do with DWCS I don't know 🤔

  • Put some respect on my boi Cormier’s name

  • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/bIR5s8evipi2drg.html

  • ur father ur step father ur 3rd father 4 5 6 7 8 9 fathers all proud of u

  • Canada stand up

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  • man javid basharat wouldve defo got the contract 10-0 but unfortunately visa problems

  • DC is annoying tbh I love him as a fighter but commentating not so much

  • Laura is the most beautyfull woman in the ufc by far. I am here and cannot tune out bcuz of this 🔥😻

  • I love that Dana white actually knows what’s he talking about !!!!

  • I would do horrible unforgivable things just to drink a glass of Laura Sankos foot sweat

  • Dc is fat and annoying. Not fit for the job as a commentator specially not in the apex were he just screams out advice to the fighters he likes as loud as he can. It makes the sport look like a joke when someone on the commentary team is given direct influence on how the fighters react to things during the fight.

  • Dana white is on that Sazul


  • I want dana tested immediately

  • Someone make a video of all the dumb shit Cormier has said as a commentator…

  • Gz to these folks!

  • Dana White feelin like oprah lately.

  • Muin Gaf'urov wins Chad10000000%%%%

  • Great night of Contender Series. Was really impressed with that finish by CJ Vergara over Korea.

  • How much are they paid $300,000 a year is what I heard but should be more !!

  • That Asian judge was fucking blind

  • Dana has 7 jacuzzis in his house he hasn’t even used yet

    • thats the perks of being rich my friend (it's not for everyone in life)!!

  • The show is intolerable with Laura on the announcement team...seriously I dont know who she's sleeping with but she has gtg I cant be the only one who turns this show off the moment they hear/see her.

    • Yep pretty much and its so obvious the two male announcers have to stop at points to "give her a turn".

    • 😆 im on the fence on that one...you may be right

    • I'd rather listen to her then DC.

    • She yaps a lot throughout the fights. Like make your point and be quiet. She goes on and on.

  • Dc will never be the coach and talent evaluator khabib is. IMO.

    • DC taught Khabib in the beginning a lot when he just came to AKA. Don't talk nonsense.

  • Cormier was acting like if these guys aren’t ready to fight for the title next week then they don’t deserve a contract. Get him off the commentating already. He ruins actual cards as well.

    • Call me out if I'm being a twat I’m not saying they would be given a title shot in their debut BUT who knows crazy shit happens in MMA fighters pullout and these guys from the CS might end up stepping up

    • @José Flores LOL wtf are you talking about... no debut fight is against a champion, only with GSP and Matt Serra 500 years ago.

    • Well most contender series fighters have a bad record in UFC anyways

    • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/pZ9mwKnMjL6Uddo.html

    • @Michael Liwo DC’s first opponent in the UFC was a guy who had only had 4 fights in his entire career before and was working at Starbucks all the way up to 3 days before the fight. Why should new fighters be held to some standard that has never existed before?

  • Comier has been saying random shit for very long time on camera

  • Russia Marad hype WARFACE ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/nYFmt9amoKrWnLA.html

  • Too many contracts given out

  • I thought dana may grope her 😂😂

  • let's gooo I'm happy Chad made it through!!!!! thank youu Dana

  • DC good fighter, not a fan of him as a commentator. all he does is state the obvious and repeat 1 liners

    • Same with bisping. Go listen to his commentary prochazka vs oezdemir. Absolutely garbage and makes absolutely pointless comments that make no sense. Like when he’s talking about jiri “ learning on the job “ its just hard to listen to man.

    • thats rogan not dc

    • @CFH Dominic, rogan, Felder and Anik is amazing

    • @Strickos Agree with Felder, the rest can go. They should try and bring back Brian Stann, I thought he did a damn good job.

    • @Aldriques Jacobs good point both him and bisping are fucking notorious for it. with the exception of Felder, ex fighters shouldnt become commentators

  • Dana stop taking steroids

  • Did she said , she had time to pick up danna pen 😉😈 daymn .. wonder she got the job lol

  • Dana rejected that British guys Brendan for going for a takedown late in the fight but signs Oliveira 🧐

    • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/pZ9mwKnMjL6Uddo.html

    • @KoiWorld™️ my mistake you're right, it was 1,3

    • @Let the flames takeover nope. He had top control for most of the second half of the first round.

    • @KoiWorld™️ pretty sure olives got dropped in 1...

    • @Let the flames takeover Oliveira won rounds 1 and 3.

  • 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥 #TeamHawaii

  • I'm not suprised they're signing so much new talent, the way they're booting the old dogs out the other end.

    • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/pZ9mwKnMjL6Uddo.html

    • @Denis L Dana got his own rules, I guess.

    • @mafia Mark that's a fair point, but realistically these fighters on average barely fight twice a year and let's be honest - there's no way they can rely on bonuses of any type, as it's just such an unpredictable sport. There's no doubt the fighters (are on the whole) underpaid but it's the profession they chose at the end of the day.

    • Brother they still signed that chad guy who's turning 35 this year and he didn't look impressive at all

    • @Samir Nedir firefighters, police officers etc etc risk their lives "EVERYDAY" but don't get anywhere near what fighters in UFC get plus bonus money etc once you get going in any sport and perform well your money will rise etc if you fight your 3 times a year contract you can make easy 60k + and thats average level.

  • When Dana was born, his parents looked between his legs and gave him a woman’s name. Nuf said

  • Dana is the man, they all earned it except 1 fight last week imo

    • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/pZ9mwKnMjL6Uddo.html

    • @puntsize He’s a true 125 er and he beat a true 145 er who fights at 135 to try and weight bully people.

    • @puntsize to stuff the takedowns and win against his opponent (that caliber of prospect) who was being touted the next 'similar to khabib' style whatever that is was impressive enough to me. But the betting odds spoke for themselves and he pulled through

    • @puntsize i disagree i made a point on another post

    • Canadian dude didn't do anything to deserve a contract.

  • Kamaru usman vs George St. Pierre we all want to see this keep the word going

    • @Taco Tacotington exactly. Gsp is done. He will box the Paul brothers or someone once his ufc contract expires in two years.

    • GSP is over 40 years old and has only fought once in the past 8 years. Give it a rest

    • Would be the craziest fight ever.

  • Fresh cuts coming through guys.

    • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/pZ9mwKnMjL6Uddo.html

    • *Out* with every single fighter you ever knew the name of that is getting paid over 50k/fight, and *in* with the 5000/5000 no-name kids! The future of the UFC, end of an era.

  • I like Dana’s selections and reasons this year.

    • @Miguel Vargas prove it

    • @Stay Primal got me

    • @Miguel Vargas except you

    • He's selected literally everyone

    • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/qoVx06eoipGTn5M.html

  • "Canada is standing up for you" ????? bahahahahhaha

  • DC as a fighter: Super underrated; DC as a commentator or giving props to any fighter that doesn't fight at AKA: Overrated.

    • Spot on!

    • Unknown User Literally bro. I think DC overrated if you see his foghts, they all been elite strikers no wrestlers and when he runs into a wrestler he loses (Jones x2, Stipe x2). If he didn’t cheat the first stipe fight and poked stipe in the eye leading to the KO then i believe Stipe would have got him

    • @Brushy Bill I wouldn’t say worst lol biased, but not horrible. At least he has fun and can joke unlike Cruz who is overly serious and dramatic

    • Underrated?? Got beat twice by Jones, got beat twice by Stipe someone please explain his “legend” status? DC always struck me as mr. too little too late 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  • Congrats u get a trash contract of 10 and 10 😂😂

  • Comier think he knows everything...Komier doesn't know anything 🤣😆

  • Uncle Dana in a happy place lately 😂10 contracts 2 episodes👀

    • Cheap labor

    • @jase allenson my theory too. Its to lure young hungry guys to use against the older ones when they are negotiating a better contract.

    • Of course, he is no dummy. stock the pipeline as much as he can, with so many of the top veterans talking about fighter pay. Cuz the more younger, talented, hungry guys(that are just happy to be there) the more leverage he has against the top veterans.

  • wait til these guys see their pay 😂😂😂😂

    • "This is an opportunity not a career"- Dana White

    • @mafia Mark 2 true bruh fighters fight purely for the love of fighting, if certain parties don't like what they doing then go play with barbie dolls or something like that, great comment bruh u know ur shit!!!

    • Pay isn't everything fighters fight for the love of fighting, pay is just a blessing that comes with it plus fandom

    • @gFrag its the same in most combat sports, if you don't like it....then find a desk job...simple!! like i said before the non ranked fighters can still make 40k upwards if they fight their minimal 3 fight yearly contract deal, plus bonus if they perform great, once they climb that ladder into top ten they make more money etc if you don't like getting punched in the skull...go get a 9-5 job.

    • 🍑Find a partner for hot coffee here🍑


    • Vote in the democratic primary so we don't get Biden/Harris again


  • sanko is killin it with espn and ufc. good for her

    • playboy plz

    • @BlackPeople DestroyingAmerica clearly

    • @BlackPeople DestroyingAmerica Well she fought amateur and had a pro fight and knows the sport pretty well. So yeah, im not sure i follow you. She speaks well, shes clear and isnt ignorant of the sport like many outsiders are since shes literally an insider. So yeah

    • You're clearly either a troll or married to her. She is the worst and only bad thing about this contender series. She has no experience and doesn't fit with the team they clearly have to pause and "give her a turn" to speak and she jumps in reiterating the same things that were just said. I want some of whatever you're smoking mr. Simp

    • @Scruffy Rodriguez is there a problem with saying someones hot, theres alot of hot people, my wifes also hot and she agrees that laura is hot

  • dana white's tuesday night roster turnover series