Fighters Describe What It's Like Making the Walk to the UFC Octagon

Опубліковано 9 вер 2021
UFC fighters give their first-hand accounts of what it's really like making the walk to the Octagon on fight day.

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  • I couldn't do it. I wish I could.

  • Trash LEŞB|

  • Goosebumps.. whoooh 😬

  • 1:55 anyone knows the song used here?

  • Cheer for those who came for amanda 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bruce Buffer "it's time!" classic!

  • Tai @1:50 - "I like to pick music that I rock out to" *Picks Spice Girls*

  • Mum can we get a BT sport? No son, we have UFC at home

  • The biggest crowd I've ever walked out to was 3,000 and it was fucking terrifying, the whole time when I was warming up all I could hear was the crowd, it wasn't in till I actually walked out that year just suddenly turned into this crazy rush that where I felt like I was on top of the world, there is nothing better than fighting in front of a crowd, I've had 3 fights behind closed doors and hated them so much more cos the roar of the crowd is better at getting you going than any warm up, it's so hard to get that fight intensity without the crowd

  • You have to be partially insane to do professional MMA for a living. It's basically a fight to unconsciousness or surrender by almost any means necessary in front of millions of people. I can only image what that must be like. Thank you for your service!👍💯

  • 3:07 thata fkung cute man Girls stay girls ❤

  • I still remember when I walked out before I win the light heavyweight title in 2004. The fans went ballistic!! It was awesome. Then I woke up!

    • Relatable

  • simone biles became better during covid cus people suck and she could focus

  • Amanda nun look like a man on thumbnail

  • Big fan of Stipe Miocic... Stays calm, composed and chews gum during his walkout...A Stone Cold killer

  • I am in love with Amanda Ribas, she is so cute and positive

  • Colby covington with the Kurt angle walk out song was pretty epic

  • From iran 🇮🇷: sooooo amazing... 👏👏👏👌🌸🙏👍👍👍

  • Best walkout by far is Masvidal when he fought Diaz. That soundtrack gives me goosebumps everytime as if I'm walking out there against the final boss.

  • I get the same feeling sitting on the toilet

  • let's run 😀😀

  • Proper walkout getting paid peanuts hell yeah !!!

  • Nunes thinks on steroids.

  • I hate walking just want to be in octogan and fight like normally like how human beings trained 24 minutes in Gym 25 minutes training for fights 20 minutes playin chess game Every 5 minutes to prayers Everything is behind your imagination.

  • Jeez. Fights usualy just happen in real life. No time to think. I can't even imagine doing a walkout towards a trained superfighter. To hell with that.

    • @Attie Pollard Mate, I promise you I know. But I am 46 now and I don't understand that specific adrenalin. If it is just go... Yes. But walking out to, as I have stated, that... No. But hey, I don't like it, but people seem to find a rush in it. I don't and never will.

    • @Vikotnick that's what you got to use that adrenaline for when you in that cage that adrenaline is going to help you fight better.

    • @Attie Pollard That is exactly what I am telling you. My first fight my legs were shaking and my Adrenalin was through the roof with the drop a little later. So yeah, I am saying I could not. Maybe they can, but I couldn't. It't not a criticism.

    • Yes you can. You trying to tell me if you walked out to your favorite song you wouldn't get hyped and chills?

  • Walkout is something that should be witnessed live in the arena.

  • Covington's entrance with the Kurt Angle theme was lit

  • 1:58 - Whose walkout was this? And when? I don't recognize it =J

  • Bruce's legendary rawr gives me the goosebumps every time 🔥😵🔥

  • Brock lesnar walkout 🥵 beast song

  • Damn, this is by far UFC's best video that I've seen

  • Amazing

  • Needa make a vid focused on how Bruce makes em feel lol

  • Moreno walking out of his locker room on his way to fight an animal like Figueiredo (Twice) and you see the face Moreno puts that just tells you “You better come prepared to die in this cage because I know I am” 🇲🇽😈. #theunderdogeffect

  • Quit being cheapskates and give us Jones v Ngannou, Dana.

  • Of all the fighters you guys could of asked you couldn’t show more of what the best of the best think and experience- Stipe, Amanda Nunes, Big bad Francis, Daniel Cormier, more of Jon Jones (I loved what I saw here in this footage of how he brainwashes himself with positive thinking btw), etc.

  • Great video

  • Wonder what Tai gonna come out to this fight 🤔😂🤣

  • I still think GSP walk out to that French rap song against Koscheck in their second fight was dope.

  • Incredible . . .

  • The world is about to see true warriors but not because of what you think.

  • Great video I got so much chills after listening to All fighters 🙏

  • Reader, I am not perfect, but I can tell you that Jesus Christ is the only hope we have on this earth. Trust in Him ask Him for help. God bless you! HE is the only WAY!

  • Tom Aspinall has had 4 ufc fights and never got to walk to a crowd, sickening

  • They should make what it's like winning a fight and the Judges screw you...

  • The Wuhan Virus sux

  • Cowboy's take of being scared sh*tless and wanting to puke is 99% of what most fighters are thinking internally but won't admit.

    • Off topic, but WWE '13 my favorite WWE game.


  • I stopped watching a long time ago. I don’t know any of these fighters.

  • more content like this please. i love getting to hear from the fighters about what they experience

  • Tracy Cortez kinda acts and talks like Brian Ortega,or is that just me?

  • Tracy Cortez kinda looks like a fish...

  • UFC.... where fighters that can't beat jake paul go to scrape out a living.

    • More like Jake Paul, where 40 year old wrestlers end their career by boxing.

  • What a bunch of shallow concust imbeciles.

  • Pay them more, ffs !

  • I must be a bitch because I feel like I would mentally cave into all that pressure. I can’t even understand how strong some of these people are like I would be shaking the entire time whenever a fighter I like is fighting I’m shaking I’m so nervous

  • It's nice to hear these fighters..say how they feel..when walking out..we need to hear more of this from all these UFC fighters..I Love UFC fights..😎🤗💪

  • I wana see Diaz Conor jones on this

  • Imagine tens of thousands of people watching you work.

    • I get nervous when people look over my shoulder when I’m typing ☠️

  • Best walk out for me is UFC 157 Rousey vs Carmouche , first women's fight in UFC , The amount of presser Ronda had on her shoulders most ppl will never understand , That Fight Had to be great , That Fight was the first UFC I had ever watched or paid for , Now I'm hooked ! Been a huge fan since that fight

  • This video did its job. I wanna be there live.

  • My walkout song would be Raining Blood by Slayer.

    • Mines will be welcome to Detroit by Eminem because I'm from Detroit.

  • Amanda Ribas is truly a gem

    • She seems like she'd make an annoying girlfriend

    • Ribas and Cortez 😘

    • @TheAntManChannel boooooo 👎🏼 👎🏼 👎🏼 leave her alone

    • @TheAntManChannel for what bro ???

    • She got exposed though

  • No Conor or Nate?

  • The best walkout that I've ever seen. She didn't win the fight, but she definitely won the walkout. Mei Yamaguchi walks out to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". Total badassery. Full screen and full volume for best results...>>> Enjoy!

  • I got nervous just watching this lol

  • Valeu UFC Utimate 💪🇧🇷

  • Its like going to get milk from the fridge at 4am.

  • This is great!! Please, share more insights from the fighters, like this.

  • It’s not when the cage closes, it’s when you go out there once your music hits what tells you _there’s no going back now…_

    • I was a mediocre wrestler in high school and I'll never forget walking out for a match with a particularly violent 3 time state champ. I knew I was going to lose, but I kept asking myself "How are you going to lose?". Utterly terrified and stone-cold at the same time.

  • Great that they are honest, I would need a diaper for sure.

  • 2ya1o

  • " Damn, I wish I had a better agent"

  • Best walk outs is Vintage Diego Sanchez

  • So basically fighters refuse to fight in September.

  • This is a great video! Takes you in to they mind

  • 3:05 - 3:21 was a perfect transition. Tell that bitch what's up.

    • To be fair though, the women don't have the same fear of getting knocked out as a dude would have due to lack of power. It's more just like a game of touch butt in the park.

  • Awesome video

  • When i first started competing i felt like i was the only person that felt like this until i listened to GSP on the JRE podcast talking about how nervous he is before a fight. It just shows how nervous even the best fighters are.

    • I competed a few times back in 2016 in nightclubs and local sports halls for pennies. The feeling of terror and hyped adrenaline is difficult to convey to others unless they experience it themselves. Full arenas must just be a madness for pro fighters

  • This has been posted before

  • Bro I get chills just seeing it I get so sweaty

  • I remember having to walk out to the school playground to fight people and that walk was always or die time!

    • @CowloversFTW exactly 💯

    • or being in like the locker room walking to the middle of the fucking locker room while everyone watching man, shits scary lmfao

  • love it man. Omg i’d be psychotic getting in there

  • fyqdz

  • Ce hosel bonjour eg 470 xl 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999991e


  • Mad shitt

  • Song??

  • Most fighters scared when walking to the octagon (gsp one of the best) was also afraid most of the time, I wonder what Francis Ngannou thinks when walking to the octagon 😂

    • @iN33D2floss lmaooooo

    • He thinks about steroids. Like Nunes.

    • The octagon gets scared

    • He'll be like: wow I'm so scared for my opponent

    • Probably: " how shall I invest my KO bonus?"

  • voveq

  • Love it

  • Top 2 walkouts: 2) Izzy dances into marvel stadium 1) Darren till walks out to sweet Caroline at the O2 arena in Liverpool

    • @s1Lence No I mean I’m sure some ppl like the songs but they fit the subject and that’s what makes them epic

    • @Wergar_ The_WarWolf i never said their songs made them cool

    • @Wergar_ The_WarWolf Tony’s fit perfectly

    • @s1Lence I think what makes them cool isn’t that they have “good songs” but it’s how well the songs fit their personalities and images

    • @Wergar_ The_WarWolf yea khabib and conor have dope walkout music and there used to be a different feeling when they made their entrances, like their presence in the arena makes the whole thing much grander and uniquely unmissable compared to others

  • Goosebumps and chills all day. So much respect for these people.

    • All except testosterone nunes

    • Yeah the walkouts are great but Bruce Buffer hypes me up the most. We all will miss him when he is gone

    • You gotta have enormous balls to go there. Like actually. I don’t mind fighting but my mind is weak when I gas out. Tf are you gonna do if you gas out in a fight? You’re gonna get smashed if you gas out. Imagine how Ngannou felt in the first Stipe fight. Fuuuu… Kind of a tangent but fk. That’s the worst thing that can happen.

    • Fax Yes.

  • cool ass video

  • Listening to Amanda gives me a headache🤮🤮🤮

    • @Nomad W amanda is annoying

    • @Michael Myers L

    • @AM W Amanda is annoying

    • L

  • I’m always listening to what tunes the fighter chooses to bump when they do their walk

  • Beautiful.

  • they for real try to milk tracy cortez like a cow

    • Why does she look like mantis from guardians of the galaxy

    • ?

  • Un día voy a estar haciendo esa caminata...

  • From india...