How Rugby Paved the Way For Alexander Volkanovski in MMA

Опубліковано 14 вер 2021
UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski details how a career in Rugby League paved the way for his transition into MMA.

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  • Why didn’t he fight around his walk around weight ? I feel like he fighting at a too low weight level

  • Seeing Volk slam dudes twice his size is exactly how I felt wrestling at 170 lbs. At 5’6 I was shorter than literally everyone I wrestled but I was saucing those big boys up.

  • Knowing his story now, im a fan

  • That Macedonia blood, we're built different.

  • Middleweight volkanovski is thicc af

  • If he was 97 kgs.. then he could surely challenge the lightweight and welterweight divisions

  • Alex is a fucking beast

  • Holy fuck this makes me so fkn proud to be Aussie.

  • Corona is a power grap

  • Nobody cares

    • You cared so much that you clicked on the video and commented

  • this is rugby league, the term 'Rugby' on its own usually refers to the sport of rugby union, two different sports

  • jeez at leat go to 155 ye so tough going down to 145

  • The most underrated champ in the UFC. A lot of folks don't like him due to the wins against Max, but why can't we appreciate both these legends? Personally for me first fight was a clear win for Volk. Second fight maybe Max shaded it, but at the end of the day, no one else has pushed Max this far at Featherweight! Goes to show how good Volk really is and hopefully people can put some respect on his name. I like Ortega, but I think Volk will put a pace on him and be too much for him to handle.

  • Let’s go champ! And still…

  • Alexander One Of The Great for sure

  • An MMA lionel messi

  • I want to city stiff as a board

  • I grew up on the Gippsland coast in Victoria and I played Aussie Rules till my mid 20s. There is always going to be that argument about which game is more skillful, compared to which one is the toughest. I went to one of my mates' training sessions at a league club in Sydney. Now I'm not sure if the blokes went a touch harder on me as I was a Mexican, but fuck me those blokes are just built different. I honestly couldn't and don't wanna think about doing what they do, week in week out. I can still physically feel one of the hits I copped in that session as if it only happened a couple of minutes ago (it was 26 years ago now)

  • Rugby League. Not rugby. Completed different sport

  • He didn’t beat Max….draw the first one and Max def won the second

    • @Elusive Fella you know Max won. Everyone do

    • Tell the judges, not the man in the arena putting his life on the line idiot

  • i dont get why ufc promotes this dude so much

    • Because he's the champ ? And they want to sell PPVS

  • ''If it wasn't for mma I could have gone pro, bro''

  • Just got a new fan after watching this. What an animal!!


  • Killawarra bruvva

  • rugby gives you that confidence and makes you fearless, not a pussy sport like American football

  • Thats crazy he played in the front row what a beast

  • Macedonia is with you champ!

  • After Volko fights Holloway for the third time and wins then beats Giga I hope we see him move up to 155.

  • Did he play Sunday league rugby? Doesn't look like a big club.

  • this is so good for rugby league.

  • Legend AV!!

  • Made me choke up watching this, such a legend

  • Volkanovski looks like a bane for all Orcs in Middle-earth.

  • Trump Won.. look out for the Arizona audit

  • LFG

  • Joe and other commentators have misunderstood the 214, maybe due to the accent, and made it 240 - it'll probably get up to 340 soon with their constant hyperbole. These clips from the past are illuminating to explain this great fighter !

  • I love it. So many people are discouraged from sports because of their size.. but Alex showed that grit and hard work got you there - you just needed more of it.

  • Love seeing us Props finally getting some recognition haha UP THE VOLK!!!

  • Rugby League*

  • someone tell Alex his shirts inside out

  • Goosebumps

  • Best biography yet 🤘

  • Let’s go Volka 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • leagues gt better take downs the wrestling

  • The moaning wood moberly embarrass because cupcake realistically hang anenst a feeble feigned nail. damaged, silent chef

  • UFC this title should say “Rugby League”

  • amazing story, great champion

  • Imagine if this dude was 6 inches taller he'd be the best fighter in world he's he's that killer strength genes

  • junkyard dog...go Volk

  • So much more respect for Volkanavski now

  • Boring

  • Rugby is one of the best sports on the entire planet. Will take that to my grave

  • This guy is an absolute stud

  • And Still!!!!!

  • Such an inspiring story really this guy is so underrated

  • I rekon 1/10 Australians know who Alex is. Really strange he isn’t a household name.

  • Wait, did Joe Rogan call Max Holloway the greatest featherweight ever? I'm a huge fan of Max, but he surely is below Aldo.

  • the only champion i really follow these days

  • Expect a lot LOT more Rugby MMA crossovers, such transmittable fundamentals can't be overlooked, now that I think about it I'm kinda shocked there isn't more already, bet there have been and it's not mentioned because they didn't play pro or something, but still, Rugby to MMA is such a natural step if you think about it.

  • Realised handling a egg shaped ball is for pussies. Good on him.

  • All the bs you been threw with woman and life in general for me your a top bloke. Major respect from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ma friend. God bless you

  • Rugby league*

  • LEGEND 🔥

  • watch all of the armchair fans start watching Rugby League and trying to figure out WTF is going on

  • Nothing tough about Wollongong champ. Go to Belfast, Glasgow or New York then you'll see tough.

    • Ummm...come to us....the third world countries then u will see tough 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ I dunno why u Westerners think....that these places are middle east and east countries this is nothing !!! 😐

  • why's he a prop but numbered 10

  • Rugby league is tough sport, this guy was born n bred into the warrior lifestyle

  • Wollongong represent brother!

  • LOL...he was playing in an amateur suburban feeder league.

    • Now he’s the ufc featherweight champ lol

  • hes an absolute aussie hero

  • Good ole Rugby League 🏉

  • Yeah Alex mate but League is shit😁😁 says a Union fan who is a bit quick.. Bro you are great good luck from Wales!

  • Well done.

  • God he doesnt look like he suppose to be that small at all lol

  • Max holloway fans are gonna hate this for no reason 😀

  • Seeing Americans think rugby is the same as rugby league is hilarious 🤣 polar opposites

  • Very nice vid but update the title - Rugby League 😚

  • Alex is damn tough and was a true rugby warrior. He just needs to calm down off the 210 lbs as a player BS! NOTHING on his frame (when you watch him as a player suggested that). Esp. as he was solid not but not a super - thick built, but short, beast. I'd say he looks far more around a short, super tough 175 - 82lbs. Plus, *if he had the frame to hold 210 comfortably* while *being strong and super -fit* , he was definitely NOT making 145 and staying strong / super-fit as an MMA fighter, PMSL!! #mythbuster

  • I saw him knocked out 3 bouncers at a Newcastle pub.

  • It’s not rugby brah, it’s rugby league, get it right fam

  • Oh look its the guy who got beaten by Max BLESSED holloway

  • He must've been eating some amount of anabolic chicken.

  • Rugby League is not Rugby! Rugby Union is Rugby

  • Why is this guy so unlikable? It's hard to pinpoint. He seems humble, but it comes across as false humility. I'm not sure, but I think that's it.

  • Dana loves Max Hollaway.. smash him for the third time big V!

  • It’s Rugby LEAGUE, not union. Very different

  • The great 👊

  • Go Great Aussie

  • Well done Alex

  • Rugby league*

  • An American born Alex would’ve been a beast wrestler in Highschool and college

  • I want a know what's a different between rugby and American football

    • Lol like everything.

  • Max is my favorite fighter, but I'm starting to really like/respect Volk now

  • Can't make me like this chump fake champ, no matter how good you promo him. Phuck volk

  • I'm a casual with increasing interest and this has warmed me to AV

  • 248 pounds he said? Noooooo. Dont short people always have a chip on their shoulders?

  • Volk look like a make a wish kid

  • Rugby league is a very watered down form of rugby union (real rugby). If someone tells you they play rugby and they mean rugby league, that's like saying "I play baseball" when they really mean softball. Rugby union is the one that is most popular around the world and the one played in countries that are actually considered good at playing rugby. League is only really played in England and Australia and mostly by school kids. Rugby league is barely played in New Zealand, and not at all in South Africa, and these two countries can historically and presently be considered the world's top two countries in rugby.

  • Omar Alaniz