James Krause and The Growing Greatness of Glory MMA

Опубліковано 13 вер 2021
Under the watchful eyes of James Krause, an MMA powerhouse is being built in Kansas City, Missouri. See what he had to say about the growth of Glory MMA and why he believes his athletes are having major success in the UFC.

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  • Krause is an absolute G. I’ll always root for him and his guys

  • I have a very nice of life what you're doing my energy keep up the good work👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • Why couldn't he beat Trevin giles though.

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  • Smart move by coaching instead of fighting….Save your brain cells and let them take it on.

  • 816

  • Wasnt this the guy who got flatlined by Bobby green?

  • James Krause is a great coach... that being said, I don't believe he has any fighters that will make it to a title fight. No disrespect.

    • @Abdullah Ouazri they are all talented for sure. I just don’t know if they can make it all the way to the top. And I know Megan Anderson fought for a title, who was the second one again?

    • He's already had 2 so idk. BEsides he's got some hungry and extremely talented individuals hidden there right now.

  • Sounds great and all but everything they talk about surely that's how It is at all top mma teams right.?

  • Isn't that the betting guy why is he fighting his going to get killed

  • "gymnasium"

  • Overated coach/gym

  • We also have a location and Kansas City and now overland park

  • I would love to see James put a beating on Buckley , Buckley got mad cuz James had to let him know that he wasn’t a good fit for his gym and then Buckley started talking, maybe it’ll never happen but that would be a fun fight and my money is on James

  • He seems like such an amazing coach

  • The journeyman gym

    • @Mad Max cool Profil picture 😂😂😂

    • Just wondering, are you apart of the special needs community?

  • Krause reminds me so much of Poirer.

  • Krause really impressed me few years ago he took a last minute fight against a huge guy and nearly won. It was an amazing performance and showed what determination and heart are really about.

  • 6:32 you don't want to be a world champion then you're in the wrong business. Don't fight. Just be a coach then. Simple 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • James Krause has a massive ego. The best coaches are the ones you barely see. Krause wants to be front and centre all the time. Let's not forget the Lionheart-Glover fight where he basically hyped his guy up so much that he gassed and then refused to throw in the towel when his boy was getting his teeth knocked out

    • that was james? wait what the fuck

  • Gotta love that guy, I didn’t even know he coached but I love watching him fight

  • We need Krause vs Joaquin Buckley ASAP. Good rivalry brewing

  • Really cool spotlighting the different camps on the come up in MMA

  • James with the autoimmune alopecia. It's when you lose hair in patches.

  • I was waiting for Alex Pereira debut, anyone know when?

  • That's cool, hasn't fought in forever. I guess I'll consider him retired since all he does is make fight picks and coach other fighters...

  • Now I know a place to go to become an UFC fighter

  • It truly is an awesome atmosphere

  • basic

  • Laura sanko is so cringey

  • Who tf is Jane Krause ?

  • Shout out Glory OP!

  • I really thought Glory Kickboxing dabbled into MMA.

  • Ok

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  • Krause sounds super german….

  • James krause and wonderboy sound almost identical like listen to them speak.

    • @Tim Terrell poirier? You and I are hearing 2 completely different people😂

    • Not at all. Twinge of country in Stephen's accent being from Carolina. James is Midwest all the way, closer to Poirier and even looks like him.

  • Is this related to Golden Glory?

  • James Krause looks like a handsome CM Punk

  • 🇹🇿

  • years ago I used to be a fan of all the alpha male guys. since then most have retired and gym isnt producingthe sheer amount as before, ive found myself over the last several years really rooting for the glory athletes because of how much I respect krause and loved watching him fight.

  • Glory MMA Overland Park with Trey Ogden is also an amazing gym. Get Trey Ogden a UFC fight Dana!!

  • Legend has it ...... Tyon is raping he's gone ferguson while sitting in his gated white community surrounded by old white neighbors!

  • Eww Missouri ? Maybe if they were in Kansas I’d respect them more 😂

  • Laura definitely likes him!

    • Laura 🥵

  • Lmao no Megan

    • Megan has the worst botched nose job of all time. Laura however 🥵

    • Lmfao she gone like her career

  • James looks like if Dustin Poirier never got in a fight

  • He's in an interesting position as a athlete/coach..very riveting especially if he becomes a contender coaching and a contender or champ himself and vice versa haha what a predicament!

    • @so heal city is better

    • james is no good coach, AKA is the best gym

    • Yo good point

  • Is that the guy who confessed to Miley cyrus 0:36

  • This dude looks like Walmart Conor Murphy.

  • Doesn't this look like the hydra guy from captain America winter Soldier? That dude in the elevator.

  • Almost enjoy more seeing Krause coaching fighters than him fighting. Reminds me of Longo with how intently his fighters listen and then go do exactly what he asked of them.

  • Wasn't krause trying to beat up Elliot on tuf? Or was krause defending him? Or am i completely wrong lol

    • @Joerogansdmtpipe lmfao ohhh yeah now i remember! Thanks man

    • @Joerogansdmtpipe totally wrong story liar, Krause was on TUF and elliot came thru to hang out and Elliot was talking shit to the other competitors, and they got mad and kicked Elliot out and then got mad at Krause for having his team come over

    • Krause showed up to the house to inspire Elliot and then the “lemme bang” guy got mad at Elliot and kicked Krause out 😂

    • from what i rememeber they were cool on Tuf, it just the other contestants on the show didn't like that he was having his team stay at the house with Krause

  • Bro this feels so culty..

  • Missouri for the win.

  • I’m looking for a gym in the WI area. Does anybody know which ones are good?

    • Roufusport is the most famous. Heard good things about Chosen Few and Fight Prime in Madison, Ben Rothwell's got a place in Racine.

  • He has a lot of knowledge and pedigree I would love to train there

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  • Oss

  • Lmfao I was not expecting Laura sanko

  • Who the phuk is that guy

  • Its nice to live in Kansas city

  • I’d go just cos Sanko trains there too no cap

    • @C 1 😂😂😂

    • @Chris Boileau I’m guessing you’d go so Krause can put you in a triangle?

    • Creeper

    • You goofy

    • @Kalen Russell okay karen

  • UFC needs to sign Laura!!

    • She has only 1 fight and quit cause she got prego. She does however do DWCS , she now commentates it. Also announces the fighters and does the post fight interview

  • Is the fight with Buckley ever happening?🤔

    • @Mad Max exactly and it was Krause who got the better of Buckley lol

    • If I remember correctly Buckleys manager said no to the fight. Gotta wonder , they know who got the best in those few training sessions

  • Krause seems like a beast

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  • The world could use more James Krause

  • 73xgc #vun.fyi

  • James 'Jason David Frank' Krause

  • James "CM Punk" Krause

    • They do have a similar look. Krause can fight though.

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  • algorithm

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  • 👏🏽

  • Why does UFC give him so much push? Is dana or Shelby his uncle or something?

    • @꧁༺Galactus༻꧂ whew 😥 your right man. So glad you chimed in to clear this up. I was so confused

    • @Jeremy Williamson He has always been shown favoritism. Even on TUF he was allowed to have his personal coaches in the house and training him. Nobody else was allowed that.

    • @Simmy Tom Yeah all true but so many other are doing even better than him and get no shine at all. So i just wonder.

    • @Jairus Davis Exactly. I was just wondering. There are a lot of way better coaches that don't get anywhere near this amount of attention.

    • @014 that's false.

  • Damn, this gym looks 🔥.

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  • My City getting some shine love all the glory fighters outta KCMO

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  • I remember him on the ultimate fighter. He seemed to be great..but lost his drive somewhere and early on. I am glad he found his place as a coach with his great mind it's a perfect fit.

    • @Gaztons The Commander Eh, it was a split decision and one of the judges was a local judge and knew Giles personally and had trained with him previously. He should have been removed from that fight but he kept it to himself and then it got out after the fight.

    • @Gaztons The Commander two fights ago. But the crowd booed the judges, no one thought it was a decision to Giles

    • @• • • So in reality he just lost.

    • Yes ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/bp5g1LGrhsiwiKg.html

    • Hes still in the UFC, and for all intents and purposes is on an 8 fight win streak (he lost a BS split decision, on 24 hours notice, up a weightclass)

  • These Guys work REALLY Hard bro… We wouldmy Understand it

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    • Oh shit wusssup Flex

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  • Jeremy Stevens all i c 1:13

  • I respect his style but he needs to learn to toss the towel. Save yourself to fight again.

    • He needs to learn how to learn

    • @Laura XNXX Videos stop spamming. Anyone that reads this, please report this user for spam. Nobody cares about your channel.

    • How often do you ever see the towel get thrown in the UFC? Almost never happens, and there’s always the possibility of a comeback. Just ask Darren Elkins

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  • We need Buckley vs Krause to settle this!

    • @Mohmed Alanzy You're clueless. No-one agrees with you.

    • @Mohmed Alanzy then how come he denied the fight contract to fight Krause? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Buckley will put him to sleep

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    • Buckley already refused the offer because he would have to go down to 170 and he cant make it.

  • vae.fyi marvelous

  • ufc=🐐

  • Grant Dawson vs Diego Ferreira was such an interesting fight lets see if they rebook the fight

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  • AMC

  • James "The James Krause" Krause

    • James "the yancy medeiros" krause

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    • That nickname was made up By gaston reyno. A former uruguayan mma fighter who trained with him. In uruguayan and argentinian slang we put " the " in spanish el If male or la If female and then the name or nickname of the person.

    • James "you need to learn how to learn" Krause

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  • First comment please like

  • Jesus is the truth

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    • @Joe Blow I'm glad it helps you, I'm not denying for one moment the benefits to mental wellbeing that belief gives you but I'm concerned with if things are ACTUALLY demonstrably true or not. Not how they make me feel. As you say we are all free to believe what we wish, but as I've already stated its the condescending comments like "he"ll find out" and the veiled threats of hell with just a little too much glee behind it. Why the hell would it give anyone pleasure to think someone deserves such a fate for simply not believing something? Who's the real moral one there? And regarding him not needing to provide proof? I think you need to read his comment again! HE was telling ME to disprove god, which is astoundingly stupid for anyone with even a small understanding of how logic arguments work, hence my comment about where the burden of proof lies. Also doesn't Peter 3:15 say to always be ready with proof? 🤔 Which brings me onto another problem, most Christians haven't even read their bibles which I find hilarious as they're constantly preaching something they haven't even read.

    • @Joe Blow no one cares

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