Khalil Rountree Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 36

Опубліковано 4 вер 2021
UFC light heavyweight Khalil Rountree got the win in the second round over Modestas Bukauskas thanks to a well place leg kick that earned him the TKO at UFC Vegas 36.

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  • Maybe they should ban head kicks since bisping lost his eye and everything

  • I know the argument is “any move can end a mans career” but man this is a tough one. So avoidable

  • One of my favorite fighters. What a stud.

  • V

  • savage and i love it

  • Bangkok ready

  • Like him

  • Obviously that’s not the finish you wanted, the perfectly timed, perfectly executed oblique kick.

  • This guy is the definition of up And down

  • He reminds me of Michael Johnson in a heavier fashion smh

  • Fucking brutal, respect Khalil 👊

  • Let's see what he says when he gets his own knee kicked... this is a life changing damage, its criminal... if this kick is legal, then snapping arms and necks should be legal too... but it's not a street fight, it's a sport and a level of humanity and respect should be maintained. He cant win without breaking someones knee!!! he admits it so innocently when it's a very lethal and cowardly plan!

  • Ugly face of UFC, sad to see that move mentioned as impressive...

  • Roundtree is either one of the scariest dudes in the ufc or gets knocked out, no in between lol.

  • Khalil is one of my favorite fighters. He never disappoints and always brings it. He’s a class act and has tremendous heart. I hope we see much more of him in the Octagon.

  • Ifna leg lock is legal then why is an pblique kick controversial

  • Mann I've always liked Khalil since his soccer kick finish in the tuf house he is a beast the only thing is he wins and lose win and lose if he was to be consistent I really feel like he could become a contender for the title I hope he learned from the past not be afraid and conquer his fears and hope he starts being consistent with his wins

  • I thought they banned this kick way back in 1984. During the All Valley Karate tournament when Bobby got disqualified after almost breaking Daniel Larusso's leg I was sure we would never see anything like this again. Cobra Kai strikes again 🐍

  • I dunno man... kicks knees punches to the head are one thing , an oblique kick like that is career ending .... the surgery his opponent will have to go through , months of rehab not being able to pay bills... thats fucking bullshit , fighters should be going out there for knockout or submission not to cripple or end a career... fuck you rountree hope u get the same done to you.

  • Fighters, fans, their comments are not making a lot of sense regarding Rountree's win and banning kick to the knee. When a fighter gets KOed by elbow to the head, heel or shin to the head, knee to head (masvidal), all are happy and celebrating like idiots, not worrying about injuries of the other fighter. But a kick to the knee gets too much controversies and the fighter gets judged. Which of the said scenarios is more damaging and career changing?

  • That is what makes MMA so exciting! That is the finish he was looking for dummy! I love the UFC man keep that strike legal for the love of God!


  • Cheating

  • Here's the thing, if the strike was illegal then fair enough but the fact is this, it's legal. Brutal or not legal. Do I think it should be? No, but is not his fault at all.

  • Every fighter isn't going to want to jab vs him. Smart guy. Feel bad for the other guy, I see now why this technique is so controversial.

  • That was a Cobra Kai style finish

  • Dangerous and career ending technique he use to win the fight. Should be banned. Having saying that Robert Whittaker uses that sidekick to knee quite a bit which usually freaks out the opponent if it lands with pressure

  • Y'all saying the move should be banned then why not ban a roundhouse kick huh. Like that hasn't caused more catastrophes than an oblique kick has

  • Nasty...ban it

  • Dirty way to win

    • @dubenstein When did these ufc fighters become so weak no wonder they are loosing their champians to Jake paul.

    • @Aniket kumar Singh oh wow. The internet at your disposal and you come out with the most typical comment from a child

    • Go watch Pokémon

  • He threw it perfect like he said heavy on his front foot bam it's called fighting

  • Bisping couldn’t fight and sure can’t commentate. Weakest paper champ in the MW division of all time.

  • Welcome back to the Winning Circle Khalil!!!

  • Khalil "The Kneexecutioner" Roundtree

  • what he really was saying: i have to win the fight, i have to get the job done. i'm so desperate for a win that i resorted to a career ending move because i couldn't knock him out. so i'll settle for a TKO 🤔 i don't have enough patience and i need to get paid. 😁

  • All these years and not one fighter has done that. One would say that's a bitch move, almost like pulling hair

  • Modestas still put up a good performance proud of him hope he brings a lot to ufc coming from my country Lithuania 🇱🇹

  • Nah, no way that move should be allowed. Sure it's a brutal sport, but the oblique kick to the knee just seems like an easy out and a possible career ender. Not good to watch. No quality martial art skill involved. Get rid.

  • F#*k that bullshit in competition

  • Bukauskas sold his knee the the UFC, Dana sent Roundtree to collect.

  • Honestly, ufc needs to make that kick illegal...

  • Michael Bisping - Obviously not the finish you were looking for Khalil Roundtree brain - If you say so.

  • *Yoel Romero* : “he’s stealing my look!”

  • Those sideways kicks to the knee, they are not sport,they are dangerous knee spoilers. There was a time in UFC, where it was totaly legal, smashing oponent in the nuts. Those days are luckly over. UFC are finaly doing something about the eye pokes, but very reluctanly. It"s always an accident, in spite of,we are dealing with highly pro"s, doing nothinh else for years. So they know what they are doing. Rules are for a reason, and kicks in the nuts, around knee capsel,and eye pokes, not sporty moves, but disabling.

  • Wtf bisping "his acl, mcl and pcl all blown" trying to make the guy cry? XD

  • Khalil deserves a fight of the night bonus. How he didn't get one is beyond me.

  • To all of you saying the kick should be banned because of the potential career ending effect, no career in the UFC has ever been ended by an oblique kick

  • Dana white and the MMA board need to eliminate such an opponent-killing attack. No one wants to play a game that requires a hospital stay of 6 months to a year and maybe after recovering and replaying there is a very high risk of reoccurrence if kicked in the knee like that.

    • I am sure it will be made illegal. That's was pure ignorance knowing what he could do and doing it anyway while already winning.

  • he is gonna have a hard time getting fights now

  • Everyone sounds stupid when they say he’s inconsistent. You think he chooses to lose 😂. He faces top level fighters and just gets outclassed

    • @Jamie K saying someone is inconsistent is a stupid statement. What’s the point of saying it.

    • Just because people say he’s inconsistent doesn’t mean they’re saying he loses on purpose...

  • Of course a finish is what he was expecting,why else would he throw that technique, it wasn’t luck, fighters throw that very often because it can be effective

  • Well, its a deadly technique for a street fight, but I wouldn't exactly want to make a career off of blowing out everyone's knees. I mean, its a perfectly legal technique but as far as sportsmanship is concerned its not a great look on a guy if it gets over used. I'm a fan of Khalil, its a solid win and if its a legal technique well I guess folks need to stop being so heavy on that front leg!

  • If the strike causes life-altering damage (when landed properly), it shouldn't be legal.


  • That's a messed up move I think he's a piece of shit of a person and fighter.

  • i blame jon jones😂

  • Casuals need to learn the difference between a sidekick and a oblique kick.

  • Damn those kicks are nasty. Mma fighters are getting really efficient at causing severe injuries. I dont remember this many breaks and dislocations happening as often as they do now. There used to be a few every now and then. Now, I feel like something like this happens on every card.

  • Watch the interview a second time this heartless bastard practice this move I’m sorry I know it’s a full contact sport but amongst men I have no respect for him

  • Oh I’m sorry I love the sport but that move needs to be been absolutely disgusting career ending injury He knew it that’s why he didn’t celebrate

    • So Is he a cripple now like for the rest of his life? Man that sucks.

  • Bitch made. Period. Legal or not... let them fight to the death if permanent injuries are allowed 🤷

  • Ooh Khalil good luck with your newly won karma That will probably get u hurt in your next fight. Wonder what the damage will be Brain, body ..who knows?!

  • he's the Dirtiest fighter in the UFC, watch what happens next time he tries that, someone will knock him out twice and not stop

  • He said i didn't want to throw it at my training partners cuz I new the damage it would cause he intentionally broke his shit fucked up should be a DQ

  • I am quite sure he will be knocked out in his next fight.

  • Most brutal win recently.

  • I didn’t throw it in camp cause I didn’t wanna hurt my partners but fuck this guy? Do you really go in there to break a guys knee? Lost some respect for surrrrre

  • Fucking terrible!

  • Should be banned dirty fuckin move 12 months recovery time.

  • I will Kahkill anyone you put in front of me

  • Khalil's Muay Thai is next level

  • Those kicks should definitely be banned. Just like eye pokes fighter can’t see they can’t fight if they can’t walk they can’t fight. Dirty tactics. Why are eye pokes illegal.

    • If they can't walk because they got kicked then they lost the fucking fight

  • 😳😳😳

  • Don't ban the kick.

  • Any strike can end a career. People have literally had bones broken by submission intentionally and yall crying bout a well timed kick. Get good or get got 🇺🇸🇺🇲

  • JKD ;)

  • Why cause an opponent career-ending and life-changing injury when he could have easily stopped the fight another way, was already dominating

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  • that technique for sure needs to be banned straight ending careers with that shit fuckin bs

  • Absolutely disgusting finish. DIRTY AF.

  • happy for him. such a nice dude. he was on a losing streak and now he's out. i didn't want him to get cut. whether he gets to the top 5/ belt/ or non i am happy to see him win

    • how the hell can you think he is nice? by his words? youre INSANE

  • Those should be banned,Jones using them dangerously too

    • Lmfao the entire sport is fighting someone. Glad these are too much but heel hooking of giving someone brain damage is fine. You can do the exact same damage to the knee by not rotating into a kick correctly without anyone else even touching it

  • Bisping in the the commentary "It's mixed martial arts, USE ALL your weapons"....

  • Nah that's disgusting and should be illegal. Wasn't even a kick he just pushed his weight through his opponent's knee. Coward.

  • Beautiful finish, this is exactly what us fans watch MMA for. Loved every second of it. Brutality at its best. Respect 🙏

  • Bad bad bad… this technique is nasty. It should be banned

  • He blew the dudes nose and leg apart man he fucked that guy up lol

  • How do you guys feel about that move? Should it be banned or nah??

  • New name for that kick "Coward Kick"

  • Beautiful execution

  • Comment section filled with a bunch a psuedo mma experts that should really stick to watching wwe. Some of the stupidest takes ive ever seen.

  • To be honest that should be ban, that kind of kick is quiet dangerous and could damage a fighter permanently. That's a career ending kind of kick.

  • Taking strikes out of MMA will bring the sport backwards, and gives the fighters an excuse not to get better. If you can flying knee, wheel kick, and dive through the air Hendo style almost causing decapitation...then I don't see a problem with this kick. Learn to defend

    • @J G you can literally say that for any serious strike to head. Watch boxing if you don't like it bro. Santos recovered and this guy will be doing jumping jacks in no time

    • @J G how about flying knees. Cyborgs husband got his entire dam skull caved in by mvp. Why aren’t those banned

    • @Aric Manaois they chose to throw those kicks, not comparable

    • @J G Silva and weidman both had career threatening injuries because of leg kick checks. Guess it’s time to ban those too

    • Easy for you to say from your armchair. Not so much if your whole career has been put into question by a single controversial kick.

  • That was good

  • That kick was BEAUTIFULY EXECUTED!

  • *Should allow eye pokes then that move should be banned*

  • It is what it is its a win. But that shit is nasty. Jones was the first for me to see use that kind of kick. They should do something about that.

  • Side kick to the knee should be banned from now on. Imagine if more fighters start throwing this sh*t we'll have ACL injuries at every UFC event. Also ACL injuries are really bad you can obviously recover but there's 80-85% chance that you're leg won't be the same.

    • When someone gets knocked out cold they lose parts of themselves so should all strikes to the jaw be banned ? When someone is a knee bar by the time you feel pain your ligaments are already destroyed. Should we ban joint locks too ? As long as it’s not eye gouging and strikes to the back of the head it’s okay for the most part this is martial arts

    • @Priyansh Ajania not all mma promotions have those illegal and several of the most prominent ones in history have openly allowed kicks and knees to the head if a downed opponent. None of you people complain about heel hooks or the fact that you can just teep the top of the knee for an almost identical effect (thais do it all the time and drill it all the time)

    • @Krackalackin Moves like knee to grounded opponent, strike to back of head etc are illegal. Side kick to knee should be included in that list imo.

    • @Priyansh Ajania Ban Nagannu for punching because he is shortening live s with every hit. risks of fighting

    • @Krackalackin ACL is worse. You can get your jaw, arm, neck etc fixed but you can never stand and fight if your legs take too much damage. That's career done & dusted.

  • That move reminds me of Jon Jones, miss you Jon!

  • Not a fan of strikes to the knee but I’m a big Roundtree fan and I’m just glad he’s getting his career back on track. Before the finish, he looked like a completely renewed fighter and was going to put the guy away either way. Perfectly legal strike but I’m thinking it shouldn’t be. We’re going to have a lot of short careers if that strike takes off.