Nick Diaz Being Nick Diaz

Опубліковано 7 вер 2021
Nick Diaz has always marched to the beat of is own drum. Diaz will make his long-awaited return to the Octagon at UFC 266 later in September to face fellow UFC and MMA legend Robbie Lawler.

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  • Their real. Not like you fake bit**es just saying stuff to someone’s face and when they walk away you talk shit. Haters are everywhere.

  • 1:49 he’s so different here

  • Nick and Nate are tough dudes.. not the smartest fellas.. but regardless they are unbreakable

  • Funny how an interview said "you're not a ko guy (not rudely)" before the fight with Robbie Lawler.

  • Nick "The Quitter" Diaz

  • 1:16 why’d the guy wink at nate

  • Not funny, boring, i don't need to see men putting on shows, i just want to see a competition, that must be the show, not a man acting gangsta and all that bullshit

    • Then why watch this video?

  • Diaz broz needs to be a brand

  • Nick Diaz is nothing but wasted potential

  • Nick Diaz the GOAT

  • Nick Diaz the real legend the real BMF!!!!

  • Nick Diaz is a legend 🙏🏻 you never heard him talking bad about the other like Connor is doing, Nick is guy on his own, he is like he is, huge respect from Germany 🙏🏻

  • I think them banning Nick was personal. Doesn’t make sense when people pop for steroids and get less time

  • Pretty sure this wasn't supposed to be for a laugh, he's literally pointing out that a few people become the stars while he works his ass off to get paid enough to live in a trash neighbourhood and people just laugh... Was that even a joke?

  • Nick is the Muhammad Ali of stand up in the UFC ! We love you & your fighting mate, from Australia & think you're a great guy too !!!

  • Love it !

  • I'd invite Nick to my house for a Bbq, but I live in a van down by the river.

  • I can’t believe the UFC posted this with that title lol

  • Man I don't even care if he loses to Lawler. Just want to see him go 5 rounds and be classic Nick.

  • His finishes over Paul Daly as well as Lawler are just remarkable.

  • Why was big John saying its on Nick Diaz to take it to Anderson. Kinda dumb. Nick could have done the same as Anderson and said Andersons job to go to him.

  • Quesadiaz

  • This is like a catalogue of Nick Diaz's fixed fights, where he purposedly fought to lose every fight, even going as far as getting high before the fight, to ensure he'd lose no matter what. It's disgusting the UFC allows him to fight today, when he can't be bothered to get in shape and cut weight, and looks horrendous in training. This is why the atheletic commission gave him a 5yr ban. Because the frequency he failed drug tests most likely pointed to him taking a dive, betting his purse on the other guy. Everyone has heard his corner tell him he won every round, when he loses every round.

  • If the punisher was a real life MMA fighter this would be it

  • Who else can't freakin wait to see this guy back in action, the reaction of the crowd when that music hits will be insane #diazarmy

  • Diaz lives in a very nice half million dollar home, don't let him sell the bad boy I am in the hood bullshit. They take you suckers to the bank at every fight.

  • and now marijuana is not banned in mma this is crazy

  • nick diaz was banned for 5 years because of marijuana, jon jones took strong pills for only 1 year wtf

  • Joe freaking out when he's trolling Silva is the greatest thing ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1:49 Yo Nick sounding suddenly like uncle Chael

  • Nick Diaz lives in a mansion and his Net Worth Is 5 Million Dollars.. Sorry, Nick But Your Poor Kid Act Is Not Going To Work Anymore.

  • Conor mcgregor

  • Definitely a fucking legend they don't make em like that anymore

  • You know.....I really like this guy! What you see is what you get with the Diaz brothers.

  • The original BMF 🙌

  • Diaz brothers are born to fight, lots love from INDIA.

  • not a single negative comment. this guy is a fan fave

  • Be a shame when nick gets beat I love the guy huge fan but I can't see this being a win

  • I've never wanted to see Nick win a fight so bad in my entire life. He wins this - gets another fight. I want to see him make a serious run and maybe even get the belt.

  • So basically Nick Diaz being a troll.

  • I love the way Nick moves in a fight. His shoulders, his arms , its so sexy!

  • an icon.

  • And we all love them Diaz bros❤️

  • Only the Diaz brothers can trash the UFC and have that footage be used as promotional material by the UFC

  • Diaz🔥🔥🔥

  • Some brain damage . Pray for Nate and Nick. I can tell by their speech

  • "If you don't hate it, good luck trying to love this shit." (chills)

  • Nick Diaz being somebody he not but fools millions is the right title

  • These wanna be thugs lol they're so fake with natez obese blonde dyed bangs when they were young lol what a joke

  • This Saturday is gonna be BANANAS

    • I know, thank God Nick's not going to fight. He's lame

  • The diazes have NO class. They are punks.

  • I loved how nick would keep going even after the rep stopped with Robbie lawyer. You knows he’s saying “what’s up motherfucker you wanna keep going bitch?”

  • When Nick said he loves & hates fighting it should hit everyone that works hard but loves what they do of course you hate it but you love it too

  • Who the hell was cutting Nate Diaz hair at the time? got dam 💀

  • In my opinion one of the greatest to ever get in the Octagon. How could you not like this guy. Tells it like it is, talks shit and backs it up. When I'm down I watch one of his interviews and everything changes.

  • When nick diaz was articulate.

  • 2:17 wow they really cut out the part where nick said "Dana is selling wolve tickets" lmao

  • He sucks at talking ...I....uhh...he...u.....I......brain damage

  • Legend !

  • Diaz is the only person that can legit be wholesome yet gangsta at the same time

  • this is the type of video i would never expect a verified channel to make

  • Clown. Spends his time taunting in fights that he’s losing.

  • "I'm not gonna put a fake me out there, I ain't smiling at the camera unless I'm in a great mood" lmao got the those that keep it real

  • You got George back their getting powder on his nose, no ones' over here putting powder on my nose" 😆

  • All that know whats up knows that Jorge Sint piere did use steroïde and Anderson Silva too in the fight with Nick and Dana gave the green light for this !! They Hated Nick and didn't wanted the chance for him to be the champion. That's the truth 💯

  • Diaz!

  • Got to give Nick credit, he molded into a bad ass fighter, successful...

  • Nick needed better management. At least Nate got some money fighting Conor McGregor..

  • smh the press laughing at him talkin about living in a ghetto

  • That last take from him there at the end is so fucking awesome. I had to play it twice cause as an aspiring fighter with nothing to fall back on that’s exactly what I need to hear. Love the Diaz brothers

  • Whoever that Nick guy is, he sounds like someone that makes gang signs with his right hand and animal balloons with his left one. #TeamDiaz

  • Nates bowl cut @1:15 💀

  • All time fav fighter!!! Love the Diaz bro’s!

  • Oque aconteceu com o robie lawler? Ele era branco,tinha cabelo, agora ta moreninho e careca

  • We need a third diaz sumhow

  • 0:57 It's ove-Oww! shit ugh Goddamit I said the fight is over Nick!

  • Wtf happened to his voice in the Barnes and Nobel clip?????????

  • Fan of his from day 1.

  • Its remarkable how slow he become on his late career, he used to be so well spoken and cohesive

  • The CTE the Diaz brothers have makes me sad 😔

  • the UFC did nick diaz dirty.... took his gsp shot when he was on his prime!! Didn't give him the promotion because Dana hated the diaz brother back in the day but now look at this pomotions... they are milking it.... ufc are rats

  • Someone powder that man's nose!

  • Diaz brothers are the only real fighters 😎😎

  • I love the Diaz boys to death but I'm sick of the sob me stories about Stockton, bros ... move! Sell your likeness, make more money...yall need better business people around you if you aren't getting out of Stockton lol.

  • Diaz brothers are the toughest fighters in the UFC really can take a punch

  • Nick says his picture was years old for the St.Pierre fight, but I think the person making the poster accidentally grabbed a UFC video game photo. That pic looks digital af.

  • Hate that s*** sometimes makes it easier #Stockton

  • i freaking hate nick but love nate....

  • Diaz: nobody wants to see them wrestling match Diaz in his head: ohh shit khabib Diaz: nothing against wrestling

  • That last quote was real facts 💯

  • I hope Nick still got it! I want to see him pick Lawler apart.

  • That last quote was genius from Nick.

  • Real hype

  • Legend and true OG amongst the fake world & UFC

  • Yes, nick "poisoned IV" Diaz. Great fighter and fun to watch but such a sore loser.

  • Nick Diaz, The GOAT of this shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Diaz brothers are national treasures.