UFC Debut: Brandon Moreno vs Louis Smolka | Free Fight

Опубліковано 11 вер 2021
Watch the UFC flyweight champion's UFC debut back in 2016 that introduced himself to the division. Brandon Moreno captured the title at UFC 263 in Glendale, Arizona earlier this year.

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  • Love this kids story and watching him fight.. Like most Mexican fighters he's a gamer and loves the contact.. More importantly the kid is always smiling and you can see how much he loves to compete and this really makes his fights fun to watch.. Wish him nothing but success..!!

  • Buen peleador..🇲🇽🤝

  • 웃는 상이네~


  • Awesome attitude!

  • Moreno🔥👊

  • Viva Mexico 💪🏻🇲🇽 let's go Moreno 👊🏻

  • Lo q se ve no se jusga

  • He reminds me of Garcia when he fought Huerta! That guy was smiling through the whole fight😆

  • And now he's champ 🏆

  • Buen Chico, casi le arranca la cabeza a su oponente y despues sigue sindo buen Chico, un real deportista tiene que ser asi , no rencores no pesares , asi es el deporte . 🤨👍

  • This guy will be champ one day for sure

  • He jumped on that guillotine like a hungry dog on a piece of meat


  • Moreno is a bad a$$

  • Wow wow wow what a fight

  • what a likeable guy

  • I wish they would show the ring girls booty after they turn to walk off the ring.. they always cut the camera to the fight they should just follow them for 3 second longer and I would be a happy man

    • Man chill LMAOOO

  • Damn he’s such a nice guy, love this guy!

  • Los latinos son unos cracks 👏👏

  • Moreno 8 Win streak 8 Win by submission เเต่คู่ต่อสู้ของเขาพยายามจะนอนสู้ WT*

  • Good win Moreno!!

  • 🇲🇽

  • I love submissions

  • Grasias y felicidades MORENO💕💕

  • Lol

  • smoka what a cool last name

  • Smolka walked off like a baby and didn't even shake hands with Brandon. The loss has at least aged really well for Smolka.

  • Jon Anik with hair got me checking my pulse

  • Next big thing ...

  • Love how he hugs Dan😂😂

  • 5:22 dan Miragliota was real close to Saying "that's my son right there"

  • Moreno is one cool kid. Hope UFC will upload his next fight on youtube again.

  • one more and I bet fig will take him

  • I got to witness this live and new something was special about Moreno

  • The champ💪

  • "Assassin Baby".... maybe get rid of the "baby" part maybe 🤔

  • Arriva Tijuana cabron que bien te viste mi compa es todo cabron 🇲🇽👍

  • S/o Portland. Agree with the champ! Great city to visit.

  • like this one

  • Puro carisma.

  • The ultimate underdog since day one.

  • Bu nasıl iş..yeterli kondüsyonu almayınca sorun..

  • Branoon Moreno 👍👍👍👍

  • Dude Moreno has a big heart man. I fucking love him.

  • Smolka what a name xd got smoked like nothing

  • Tthe assassin baby

  • Brandon’s English got so much better since

  • wtf ? louis ?

  • damn that dudes good. crazy fast

  • I cant wait for my boy to defend that title 🔥🔥

  • Soy mexicano esa es mi bandera Yo la levanto por donde quiera Verde blanco rojo hasta que muera El barrio prendido ya quemo afuera,😎😎😎😎💯💯💯💯💯💯💯♥️🟩⬜🟥🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Is it a mandela effect or did I never notice Moreno's back shoulder tattoo. lol

  • Guarrilla tc😈

  • Que perro ese compa, talentoso y todavía Mexicano 🇲🇽

  • More Mclovin vids pls

  • That translator was waaaaay off

  • Brandon had the same reaction this fight and when he won the strap

  • Huge fan just from that

  • He made winning the belt look easy

    • Yeah no that was not easy especially with that killer who was champion.

  • Love this man

  • This guy just makes you feel good as a fan! Motivational

  • Que viva Tijuana man!Good job

  • MMA and UFC is a disgrace for letting a man fight a woman. Anyone who watches or supports MMA is also a supporter of trans and violence against women!!! Join the boycott

    • Exactly why you blaming the UFC something that happened in South America?

  • Sick guy sick attitude..💯

  • Even then the crowd was going wild for him 🙏

  • Notice how Moreno had the same reaction after winning the belt and winning his debut. Such an amazing guy indeed!

  • Nice fight👌

  • 🔥🤟🏻

  • El Rey

  • Illiterate guy, doesn't know how to talk......

  • Muy Grande Brandon....

  • 5:23 - Referee so happy to be involved in Moreno's happiness.

  • I've seen women fight better wth 😤 was that look like 2 girls making love then, 1 taps lol

  • man i remember smolka talking shit before this fight saying he was gonna make an example of moreno and prove hes not on his level or something like that....now look at them lol

    • Smolka needed some humbling after he also went onto to say “I will be the first guy to beat DJ, DJ has never been there with someone like me” 😂😂😂😂 Moreno showed him that there’s levels to this and that his level is nowhere near the top 3 guys in his division. 😂 Moreno has been delivering humble pies for a long time already 👊

  • Nacho Libre! Lol awesome

  • Amazing finish moreno.

  • PUM!!! In you face !!!

  • Poster boy for sure! I mean that in a good way!

  • I can't speak Spanish

  • Seeing how he understands English here vs after the press conference of his title win is extraordinary in its self the man has put in the work and deserves everything.

  • He seems like a good friend to have.

  • Him as champ. Just think if we get Paddy as champ while Brandon is champ. The UFC will be on fire.

    • Don't hype up the Irishman yet he at least get at least 10 fights to go through before he gets to that belt. And he needs to win all of them

  • Fuccin love this guy true talent and class great for UFC 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • God I love this guy

  • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/f2CXm6nMo9jOeZM.html

  • Love the surge from the crowd when Moreno pulls guard. 🙌

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  • Great fight. ✌️👊

  • Sergio pettis might have been being slept on

  • I'm sure Smolka feels a little better about this loss nowadays.

  • Ling chi

  • Tijuana .

  • He got the opportuddidy

  • I feel like smolka is severely under appreciated in the ufc.

  • gotta love that kid man

  • Respect to moreno,from australia.

  • Give him Askarov next

    • Eh it’s pantoja

  • way to be!!

  • Jesus Dan M makes Brandon look like a dwarf