UFC Debut: Charles Oliveira vs Darren Elkins | Free Fight

Опубліковано 6 вер 2021
Watch the UFC lightweight champion's debut from back in 2010. 27 fights later Charles Oliveira captured UFC gold.

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  • 20 yo 😳

  • Красавчик))

  • I think there's a problem with this video, I've been sitting here for almost ten minutes and I'm still waiting for the fight to start.

  • Perfect

  • 20 years old Charles Oliveria wow. Paid in full. Deserves to be champ

  • 27 fights later Charles Oliveira still doesn't speak English

  • This was back when he emphasized it,, but before Bruce Buffer said "Fighting" like he was a complete mental (redacted).

  • Fantastis debut 👏👏👏

  • Miss that old tale of the tape

  • Oliviera will make dustin sleepy sleepy within 2 rounds

  • Charles oliveria looks like he could eat an apple through a letter box with them knashers ....

  • his whole life fighting against the best

  • Its crazy that hes champ now and elkins is breaking newcomers as a gatekeeper rising through the ranks (again). Elkins and Charles both have reinvented themselves and invigorated their careers.

  • Oliveira is so happy ! hahaha

  • These old fights are new to me so i'm lucky in that sense 😊

  • Noone has a faster ground game. It's wild.

  • Who knows..?

  • "Thank You San Diego. No speak English" lol

  • He will dominant dustin choke him

  • Very few people back then would have thought that this guy will be champion one day

  • This is what’s gonna happen to Dustin ☝️

  • Brazilians are choke masters!

  • That was insane .

  • That has to be the quickest submission win in UFC history.

  • And 11 years later the fucking champ

  • Darren without that hideous tattoo 😂

  • Joe rogan with an extremely wrinkly shirt...

  • Elkins like fighting an Anaconda, tremendous.

  • Watch out Chandler!!

  • Dude breathes BJJ.

  • Well done Charles!! Smooth.

  • and 11 years later...

  • The way he switches his legs.. Man, a few does it like do Bronx... We go for the reign brother.

  • Darren Elkins facial expression in the thumbnail is so funny. Looks like someone stuck a finger or two up his bum.

  • youtube.com/shorts/Ga31--j5S0M?feature=share

  • Best debut by Charles Oliveira champion. Good fighter, master BJJ, puncher. Porier vs Oliveira 50% 50%

  • that was like a human Anaconda haha.

  • See how he kept space as he got slammed so he had the space to lock in the sub

  • 11 years ago. Went on a pretty good streak. Then started swapping wins and losses. Eventually got his well deserved shot at that title. Super inspiring story, lot like Bisping’s.

  • The way Charley Olives post his left hand on Elikins hip when he had him in the air... he instinctively knew he would need space to shrimp to regain guard. That was sick!

  • khabib would have smoked him

  • My boy Elkins didn't get a chance to get cut up so his blood could help him slip out. The Damage learned a lot from this fight 🤓

  • Been here a decade and speaks improper English still, salute. What a debute🔥🔥

  • BBC

  • Charles "Manson" Oliveira

  • Olivera’s story is amazing. I was so happy when he KO’ed Chandler.

  • Even when Darren Elkins gets submitted in 30 seconds he's still bloody lol

  • Greatest debut ever.

  • First time I see a UFC fighter leaving/releasing his opponent right as he taps, not waiting to see if the judge noticed. Mighty respect

  • before darren got that lame ass damage tattoo

  • Who else misses the old ufc sound

  • Did anyone notice that Charles isn't that fast in speaking Brazilian over here 😅 but now he speaks like typewriter 👍🏻

  • Too easy

  • Amazing how a 40second fight is turned into a 7min video!! 😄

  • people wonder what the phrase "come at you like a spider monkey" means. well, here it is.

  • ouhh

  • Top 3 in Debuts

  • He deserve the title❤️👊🏼

  • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/s32Enr22ndi3ipc.html

  • Who knows....😉

  • comment censored by google and your silicon valley oligarchs

  • Wow 11 years ago when watching at Brazil was awesome before Covid hit.

  • 1:49 ah yes the times when UFC's fight intro music was basically Dark Souls

  • Darren tried to ground and pound with his head down

  • Arianny Celeste says that he is sharing love whille in the UFC and that he is working hard.Haha really.Of course i think ring girls are needed,but you're not doing something that matters more showing your boobs about houses where millions of women in the USA have nothing to eat is very Shallow.

  • Weird to see joe has hair..

  • 20 years old... He was freaking young at that time.

  • Fucking hell. Elkins wasn't prepared for that....

  • 11 years later he became champ ,he was my age when made his debut wow.

  • Charles was just a BJJ purple belt geez 🙄🙄

  • What a debut

  • За три минуты заработал денег больше, чем я за пять лет в армии

  • And then lost like 11 in a row

  • 1:28 look at jason herzog face Mann, His face look like a Teenager at this time

  • Can't wait for diamond to finish him in the 3rd round

  • AH MAN! Seeing Olivera vs Khabib would of been a tremendous fight

    • @Thought Criminal khabibs ground and pound is just as crazy as Oliveras bjj

    • Oliveira goes for subs Khabib just dry humps to tire out the opponent

  • this charles guys pretty good he could be a champion if he keeps going

  • Watch Ariel halwani disrespectful to Jorge masvidal and talking about jail ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/aZxn162anb2vqpM.html

  • What's super crazy is being only 20 years old in the debut. I believe Vitor Belfort was 19. The fact that these guys were only a few years out of high school and fighting some of the top competition in the world is nuts.🤯

  • No speak English! Thank you!

  • Man looks like CJ from the beginning of GTA

  • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/fmR_0ZypoM-meZM.html 💪

  • Going places.....

  • Do Bronx 💪 Porra!! 🇧🇷

  • He looks like he haven't aged a day

  • Charles is a great person and fighter and Dustin is ducking him.

  • Elkins now looking like he's aged 20 odd years and Oliveria looks he still mid 20s 💁🏼‍♂️

  • The Legend 👑🇧🇷

  • His blonde hair looks so iconic now

  • Young Charlie Olives 👀

  • Olivera beats Dustin

  • Shortest round I’ve ever seen

  • Taking somebody down just to immediately get submitted has got to hurt emotionally more than anything. You don't even realize you just sealed your own fate lmao

    • Gotta rethink your whole wrestling strategy

  • How can you not love the UFC and its fighters? Only problem is fighters' pay✌🏿

  • Was dope with Mike and Joe💯

  • Gotta respect The Damage for still being in the UFC and still getting wins💯

  • ✌️👊

  • this guy will beat khabib fir sure

  • Lmao no matter what yr it is herb dean looks the exact same

  • Damn im getting teary eyed watching this