Unfiltered Episode 527: Justin Gaethje, Sayif Saud, and co-host Megan Olivi

Опубліковано 11 вер 2021
While Matt is in Las Vegas for a very special UFC project, Megan Olivi joins Jim as today's special guest co-host on UFC Unfiltered!

After Jim and Megan bond over how not-handy they both are, Justin Gaethje joins the show. He opens up about his gardening hobby, pulls absolutely no punches when asked what he thinks of UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira and UFC welterweight Kevin Lee, and gives his perspective of the long road that has lead him to a match against Michael Chandler on November 6th at Madison Square Garden at UFC 268.

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  • I had a feeling he was gonna say Xanax when Megan mentioned flying

  • This killer named Justin Gaethje loves to garden and watch the bees and butterflies

  • Good glad someone shut Ferguson up dude always talking smack in back dude can't even win around now smh

  • I believe khabib poirier gaethje are above Oliveira, he got To the belt without fighting the most dangerous of the division which are these 3, maybe he ll proove me wrong hes still Elite no doubt but i dont see Oliveira beating these 2

  • People really using gaethjes fight from two years ago? Lol he had some decent shots on khabib.

  • Mann.... tony nate gaethji khabib ... all these legends .... mcgregor can never be as good as them.... These guys have heart.... kudos for justin to being positive about ferguson....

  • More megan Olivi and less Laura sanko: megan is real, works herself up while the other one is sleeping with the boss to get everything. Soon we see sanko in ppv-commenting team probably...

  • Justin needs to have a kid with Thug 🌹 in 20yrs we would have a new UFC champion regardless of the gender lol

  • Tony Ferguson made this dude look way to good.

  • Jim doesn't have that flow that Megan has while interviewing

  • Jim's constant self-deprecating comments are becoming tiresome and make me not want to watch this...it's not funny!

  • Sayif is a fucking treasure to this sport, God bless that dude.

  • Megan has the hotzzz for gaethje

  • Did this just say Xanax😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • hopefully chandler knocks out justin

  • I flew to NY and it was my first flight ever and we hit an air pocket and I was told we dropped a thousand feet,It was So eerie that when it happened all noise literally stopped,all conversations etc,no engine noise,I mean nothing at all,I mean everything stopped all at once,You could’ve heard a pin drop on the carpet!!!Was pretty fucking crazy!!

  • The amount of respect Gaethje has for Khabib is insane...An honest person

  • I have a human service degree

  • Gaethje fought a similar style of fighter like chandler in Palomino 1 and 2. So he should be safe.

  • its always apreciated when you know in advance a fight will not go to the distance. This is the kind of service People like Gaethje leaves for us. rare Warrior mentality in todays celebrity fighters true deserving champion, Not poirier or what not.

  • 26:47 khabib talk

  • nate diaz is my favourite fighter, justin gaethje is my favourite personality

  • I enjoyed this. Insightful thoughts from Sayif and Justin keeping it real

  • ive always been scared of flying and yea it is funny none of yall know how to fix home stuff neither do i so i feel it haha

  • Is Megan reading off prompters? She speaks perfectly!

  • Megan olivi 💙

  • A Xanax lol justin a goat

  • I find 35:26 hilarious hahah

  • So glad Justin’s not falling in-line and bowing down at the alter of big pharma! On another note I am stoked to see him vs chandler, and am confident he will prevail!

    • Who is big pharam? Tell me

  • Just the way Justin said to catch the kids before they can even go into the system major respect my brother 💪

  • Anyone in the top of LH avoiding to mention Dariush is just another pro pants shitter.

  • No mention to Dariush? Did I miss it?

  • Unfiltered is high level content, keep doing this

  • Joe B is a lucky guy.

  • Rumor has it Ali and Justin are still crying about not getting McGregor fight

  • The host is so annoying

  • I know Justin only lost to khabib because the time difference,air quality etc... AND khabib usually goes for basic top subs and mainly hold and try ground and pound but khabib went straight to submissions and I dont think Justin was expecting that at all...

    • @NJM Air quality is very different in fight island where khabib lives near compared to Colorado lol and time difference/jet lag favors khabib even khabib mentioned that... Surely you can comprehend what Khabib said...

    • @santiago nunez I don’t think the circumstances you mentioned had any significant impact on the way things unfolded, they were both breathing the same air you know ?

    • @NJM he was that night :) with the circumstances I mentioned.

    • ‘’Justin only lost to khabib because the time difference, air quality etc..’’ how about khabib won because he was the better fighter ?

  • awesome interview!

  • i thought it was demi lovato in the thumbnail.

  • Megan looks pretty

  • actually more watchable without MS

  • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/emWa0tHJe6e1g6Q.html



  • What happened to Matt Serra? Is he ok?

  • I get it...flying ect Now can we talk mma

  • Justin will shit chandler out

  • Although I agree with Megan and Saiff but to be on twitter/Instagram reporting people for talking stupid is kinda just as low as the comments they're making imho. Especially if the comments are not directed at you Megan. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Love hearing from a fighter that is humanised. Gaethje is one of us. Thats the vibes i get from him.

  • The small talk with Justine was strait cringe.


  • Francis just needs to touch you, that's it. Charlie be getting shitted on

  • This will be a slug fest got Justin winning!!!!!

  • Ryan Spann is getting better and better. I’m so excited to see him perform in the main event! Let’s go!

  • Love you Yimmy

  • She's my kinda girl

  • Anyone who has ever competed 1 v's 1 for a crowd of people is a lot less likely to be sending nasty messages to a fighter. Or the first time that any fighter travel to visit one of these loud mouths, will be a huge eye opener for anyone who does it.

  • Megan Olivi is hot

  • i have a feeling that ill now have justin, jim, and megans convo about their fear of flying everytime i get on an airplane

  • Props to Justin and Michael for standing up for what they believe in that medical records are nobody’s business but their own

  • That New York vaccination rule is the most retarded shit I’ve ever heard

  • Justin floating with the butterflies and stinging his opponents like a bee! Flying is scary for me too but, I am eagerly waiting for the UFO tech to solve all our flying problems! haha! lol.

  • Dont Dare to stop this series untill you guys talk to all top level fighters.

  • I never heard of sayif. But I’m a fan now.

  • Don’t change justin. Your an entertaining athlete

  • Fucking love this guy, same thing with me I hate flying bc "the more you think about it the more it doesn't make sense!" couldn't have said it better

  • 5:37 Justin Gaethje Interview 👍

  • this interview really changed my impression of Justin. I've listened to him for yrs but the Bees and Butterflies got me .

  • Wow poor Meghan woke up early.. 6am.. I wake up at 445am daily to work 7 days a week.. talk about privileged

  • Megan's NEVER naked!!! Bye Bye

  • Megan 😍

  • Oliveria shuts DP, Justin and Chandler in the rematch lol he’ll prove it with dustin on Dec 11th

    • I believe khabib poirier gaethje are above Oliveira, he got To the belt without fighting the most dangerous of the division which are these 3, maybe he ll proove me wrong hes still Elite no doubt but i dont see Oliveira beating these 2

    • I think olives loses to poirer and gaethje beats chandler then poirer

  • keep Megan, ditch Serra!

  • Hey ufc make Tony Ferguson vs conor McGregor they both coming from losses!!!!!!

  • Would love to see Justin and Islam Machachev fight, great matchup !

  • can't wait to see this fake humble ego maniac Gaethje get fed to the floor

    • You're name is big boi

  • Damn... I love Justin but he's talking mad shit 😂

  • Get rid of Sera

  • Megan Olivi is just so genuine. Love to hear her speak.

    • @Sherminator lol

    • Nope. Shes fake, was kind of a bully in highschool. Shes from the Eastside and wasnt nice or genuine in school. But maybe Shes a better person now then when she was before.

  • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/bp5g1LGrhsiwiKg.html

  • I think chandler is more of a hard hitter than justin

  • .

  • Gaethje is coming for BLOOD. This has FOTY potential all over it. Hope Chandler delivers on his promises.

    • just find Gaethje a very intense guy when he speaks about fighting-reminds me of a gladiator

  • the word is tony ferg hasnt been answering calls from the ufc, was going to be offered a Dan Hooker fight

  • Idk wtf is up with UFC putting this behind a paywall. Dumb af

  • MMA fans are pathetic .. the fact that I see comments trashing fighters is just vile. Even with the Olympics too it’s just So embarrassing. No respect, I know I’d never step in the octagon I’m a giant pussy and I know it, but I do love to watch the art of Fighting, for the fighting itself. It’s insane what we watch.. mma as a whole is such an awesome sport to watch. Wish people showed more respect but I guess our world is just lost at this point

  • Justin has Marijuana growing in his house, Justin you must take Megan to home one day man come on

  • Just keep Matt Sierra off the program, he doesn't know enough about the fighters or what's going on with the UFC. He's also super annoying!

  • another great bit of ufc content ! shout out Megan she knows her shit and is Peng uno

  • Если джастин... Искренно признал,неопоримость Хабиба, что и есть Справедливость... Тогда его ждут великие бои... И награды.

  • 27:51 "I'm confident that nobody at 155 on planet earth could, for one, take those shots [that Khabib took] and secondly, walk through those shots and continue to pressure me and take me down and be that effective"

    • @Death Stroke ya man khabib chin is so underrated

    • @Jason Ing Islam doesn't have the chin khabib has. But yes, he's definitely coming. And I'm excited for it.

    • It's so crazy.. Khabib even said word for word "Justin hits like a truck."

    • Islam is coming

    • U gotta respect Justin allways talks the truth Khabib was a monster and is a 🐐

  • Finally. The UFC has been a little boring without The Highlight.

  • Coach is a smart guy


  • This is just a great segment! Thank you UFC :)

  • Not so sure about the odd random fear of water analogies, but getting back to Justin, the dude literally tooks Tony's HEALTH. There's a reason why Tony is quite now. Dude has neurological issues that stemmed from the fight with Justin. Health problems. We wont be seeing Tony fight ever again.

  • When you watch Brunson fight he looks so green, he has zero technique standing up so I think that's why people underestimate him. He's the best worst fighter in the UFC haha

    • lol this is so accurate. The way Adesanya set him up was SOO god damn surgical, the combination of feints, footwork, and mix of shots was nasty. It reminded me of Silva vs Griffin. That KO was a little more emphatic because of Silva slipping like a 4 punch combo and connecting at the end of it but Adesanya basically did the same thing except by using his range and timing. Moral of the story, Adesanya is a special striker BUT when you put Derek Brunson in there with him it badly exposes his shortfalls.

    • His striking looks like he is swimming.

  • How long has this podcast been active? I’ve never even heard of it

    • @That Indian Dude thanks 🙏 yea I went to Spotify and found them there .. it’s kinda meh tho bc like I heard the Brunson one yesterday on my drive Home and I was like man this is so weird lol I know what happened and how till hot handled so it’s just odd haha now I’ll be on top of them tho. I work from home So I have lots of time to sit and listen to podcasts and interviews so I enjoy having some good content on the background

    • @Bro Beans usually they post this on podcasting platforms and fight pass.

    • Me neither and I am pretty active on my interviews and podcasts.. this was such a good talk how am I just now Hearing about this

  • Justins gonna sleep Chandler, then rematch Dustin for the strap

  • Get you a girl that loves the ufc like megan does